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Fire Island Pines - True Grit

Taking their name from New York's infamous holiday spot, the Fire Island Pines are a band that hails from far less glitzy origins. Six suburban guys from the far South West of England who've never quite known what they're doing. Now they've finally produced a full length album, "True Grit", released through Firestation Records on 25th July 2014. The album gives the band a chance to work through their issues, absorbing a wide range of influences from No Wave to c86 and far beyond. Having failed at emulating their heroes, they have inadvertently created something that is entirely their own; a rich sonic lather foaming with existential anguish and bittersweet urgency.

About previous releases...
"A reason to dance around your bedroom" - Gold Flake Paint
“Fire Island Pines clearly know their Smiths, Pulp and Felt... " - sweepingthenation.blogspot.com
"finely appointed, gentlemanly pop" - Clicky Clicky Music
“An uplifting jangle of intricately woven melodies“ - Art is Hard Records Blog
“The shy sophisticate sensitivity of Felt meets the swoon of early Postcard jangle” - Folly of Youth

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Catalogue Number FST 105
Format LP/CD
Release 2014-07-25
Pressing 300 copies each

/// Tracklist

Side A
1. You Don’t Mean To Hurt Me
2. Nineteen Fifteen
3. Candy Streets
4. Last Minute
5. Bo Dep
Side B
6. Never Be Me
7. Folio
8. Years
9. Going Native
10. Sister Ruth

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