/// FST141

Commotion Upstairs - Tomorrow Never Comes

In the summer of 1987 in Sydenham, South London, England, school friends Ben Adams and Ian Carter started the band that would soon name itself Commotion Upstairs. By 1988 and several line up changes later, Reiner Singh and Lee Manning completed the sound and they released their debut EP on their own Saucy record label. Influenced by bands such as Jim Jiminee, the Woodentops and Lloyd Cole they hit the Rough Trade indie charts and toured with The Trashcan Sinatras and Bradford. Though they played loads of gigs for another two years, they released no more records and split up in 1990 leaving over 30 tracks of recorded material. Now plenty years later... with a mixture of jangling guitars, melodic vocals and upbeat rhythms "Tomorrow Never Comes" brings you the sound of 1988!

Catalogue Number FST 141
Format Ltd. CD
Release September 23nd 2016
Pressing 300

For fans of The Tempest, The Housemartins, The Desert Wolves, The Sullivans, The Railway Children, Playing At Trains, Two People, The Bluebells

/// Tracklist

1 Lift Me Up
2 Not Like That
3 Too Bad
4 Fake
5 Sheís The Girl
6 Back Into Life
7 Before You
8 Donít Go This Way
9 Hands of Love
10 Falling Down
11 Face to Face
12 Coming Around Again
13 Tomorrow
bonus tracks:
Lift Me Up (un-released version)
Donít Go This Way (late re-recording)
Hands Of Love (late re-recording)
Innocence (original four piece line-up)
Fun Tonight (three piece demo)
If You Want To (three piece demo)
Not Like That (three piece demo)