/// FST147

The Pressure Group - All Of This And More

The Pressure Group formed in 1985 and quickly became part of the vibrant Hull music scence centred on the now legendary Adelphi Club. The band shared the stage with other notable groups of the time including The Housemartins, Pulp, The Stars of Heaven, Vicious Circle,The Gargoyles and The Hitchcock. Though they did not get prominent as the aforenamed and put out only one release in 1987, nowadays their thoughtful, tuneful pop music receives a growing appreciation (remember our last post? ;) ...)

We are very happy to release this fantastic retrospective CD called "All Of This And More". It contains not only the 4 songs of their EP "Only God is Perfect", also unreleased songs, which were recorded in 1988.

Catalogue Number FST 147
Format CD
Release April 7th 2017
Pressing 300

/// Tracklist

1 All Of This And More
2 The Loss Is Ours
3 Occupation Lane
4 Seeya John
5 White Horses
6 Hope Without Roses
7 Ill At Ease
8 Yahloloveh!
9 Dirty Cecil
10 Self-Imposed Exile
11 Fatman
12 Sanguine (Live)