We are a record label focused on retrospectives and reissues. We are specialized in british guitar, jangle and indie pop from the 80s and early 90s. Founded back in 1998 by three friends in Berlin, Germany, Firestation Records has released over 150 records by now - including great bands and artists like Mighty Mighty, The Siddeleys, The Close Lobsters, Desert Wolves, Andy Pawlak, Yeah Jazz, The Bodines, Hey Paulette, Love Parade, The Nivens, Reserve or The Bridge, to name but a few... stay tuned or get in touch!

New release!
FST179 Graham Fellows (LP)
New release!
FST178 The Friday Club (LP)
FST177 Rorschach (CD)
FST176 The Church Grims (LP/CD)
FST174 The Orchids (LP)
FST175 Friends Again (LP/CD)
FST172 Slipslide (CD)
FST171 Queue Dance (CD)
FST168 This Certain Kind (LP)
FST170 Mighty Mighty (LP/CD)
FST169 Peppelkade 14 (LP/CD)
FST167 The Groovy Cellar (LP)
FST166 The Pariahs (CD)
FST165 The Sound of Leamington Spa German Edition (2xLP/CD)
/// News

13 July 2020
Our record store is open again! Come by, we look forward to seeing you!

27 March 2020
Happy release day!

04 March 2020
Our new releases from The Orchids, The Church Grims and Rorschach can be pre-ordered now!

09 January 2020
Happy 2020! We start the year with a big sale! Our sale goes until January 31th 2020!

11 October 2019
FST175 Friends Again - In The Beginning. Our next release will be a very, very special one. We're endlessly happy to put out early unreleased recordings by one of our alltime favourite band. "In the Beginning" will be available on limited vinyl and cd and will contain liner notes by Chris Thomson and Paul McGeechan. Layout by Sandra Golda. Release date is still TBA but we're looking to have the album out in early December. Details on tracklist and pre-order will be available at the end of the month. We can't wait!

01 June 2019
We're opening a second hand record store! Feel free to visit us in Berlin and browse through loads of second hand vinyl and FST releases! For address and opening times please see below.

10 May 2019
Happy release day!

03 May 2019
Pre-order started for our new releases from The Pariahs, The Groovy Cellar and Peppelkade 14! Out on May 10th!

22 February 2019
Happy release day!

01 February 2019
New releases from Carnival, Andy Pawlak and a german edition of our Sound Of Leamington Spa series are out on February 22nd!

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